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Thank you for the interest in visiting our Welcome Home Centers site... Before we start not only is Welcome Homes our company name, it is also our philosophy with each and every customer. At Welcome Home Centers you will find a dedicated and detailed staff of great listeners who enjoy taking care of everything your new home projects entails. From building to financing to our unbeatable warranty let us help you "Get the keys to your new home today!"

While our company primarily serves the Pennsylvania market we are also part of West Valley View Inc. one of the oldest and largest factory built home companies in the Northeast. With over 43 years in the industry and over 20,000 homes sold our company works daily to secure the best pricing on the best quality products available from the leading manufacturers available in the market place. Welcome Homes is top builder and has long-term business partnerships with New Era Homes, Pennwest Homes, Commodore Homes and Colony Homes. All these home manufacturers are located in the Clarion area providing our customers with more efficient service, lower transportations costs and most importantly that availability of factory tours to view the actual construction of homes in process.

What sets Welcome Homes Centers apart are our outstanding professional relationships we build with customers. We do more than just sell homes... By relying on our years of experience we concentrate on educating and walking our customers through the entire building process. By combining home design, home lot placement, site improvements, foundation, heating systems and on-site construction Welcome Homes takes care of everything and leaves no hidden costs behind. Plus we offer our West Valley View Finance Department whose sole purpose is to find the best financing package with the most competitive needs and flexible disbursement schedules to complete your projects. Buy using local, regional and national lending institutions with over 15 different loan programs you can be assured we have affordable package to fit your family's budget, needs and credit criteria.

One of the most valuable items you receive by purchasing a factory built home is our unbeatable warranty. All our new homes come with a one-year warranty and several with a ten-year structural warranty. Backed by one of the largest service departments in the Northeast our factory-trained employees will handle your service and warranty claims in a timely and efficient manner. At Welcome Home Centers customer pride of home ownership is the key to our success. So much so that we have a third party customer phone audit completed on every customer we sell a home to approximately 90 days after they have been living in the home. While most builders offer a few testimonials feel free to view our thousands of phone audit from customers that actually have spent time living in their new home.